What happens when I bring my gold in? 

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will sit down with you and go through the following processes: 
1. Magnet test: Because most costume jewellery magnetizes, we run a very strong magnet over all the pieces; if it magnetizes, it's not gold. 
2. Sort by karat: Most pieces are stamped with their karat. If not, there are several different methods to determining gold content. We run a test called a Scratch Test. This is a chemical assay where a series of acids are used to determine the gold content in your pieces. We find that this is a more accurate test than the use of electronic probes. Sometimes the scratch test requires that we make a visible mark in your piece. If this is necessary, we will not proceed without your permission. 
3. Weigh by karat: Once all of the gold is sorted, we will weigh the gold from each karat using government certified scales. 
4. Quote: Based on the results from the preceding tests, we'll give you a quote for your gold. If you're satisfied with your quote, we pay you on the spot! 

How much do you pay for gold? 

Our price fluctuates from day-to-day based on the current top market value for gold. This price will also depend on the weight and gold-content (karat) of your pieces. 

Do you purchase silver? 

Yes! Feel free to bring your silver as well! Some good items to include: silverware, platters, teapots, serving trays, jewellery and anything else you think might be silver. Note that we do not buy silver-plated items.

Do you purchase coins? 

Yes. We pay the metal value for any solid gold, silver or platinum coins.

Do you purchase stones? 

We are not interested in purchasing stones at this time so if there are any that have sentimental value we recommend having them removed. Depending on the size and setting of the stones we can usually remove them for you on-site, free-of-charge. Otherwise stones will just go into the refining process with the gold 

What are the alloys in gold? 

Gold compositions 
22K: 91.66% Gold, 4.16% Silver, and 4.16% Copper 
18K: 75% Gold, 15% Silver, and 10% Copper 
14K: 58% Gold, 25% Silver, and 17% Copper 
Gold Coinage: 90% Gold and 10% Copper Appro. 
Silver Sterling (925): 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper 

What is the melting temp of gold? 


Your items are costume jewellery, they are not solid gold. What are they made off? 

Costume jewellery is made from inexpensive metals and imitations of precious stones. They are only electroplated with a thin layer gold plate that has no intrinsic value. 

What do you do with the jewellery you buy? 

All the jewellery we buy will go through a recycling process. It will be sorted and melted down at a refinery. The final process will be refining the gold to purify it so that it can be reused. 

Do we get paid on the spot? 

Yes! If you are satisfied with your estimate then we will write you a cheque on the spot. 

Why don’t you pay cash? 

WE DO NOT CARRY CASH ON SITE. Giving out cash would be unsafe for both you and us. In order to make you feel more comfortable we have arranged with the Sidney CIBC branch to verify our cheques and account, although you can cash the cheque at the bank of your choice. 

If you feel uneasy about receiving a cheque then we can discuss other electronic money transfer options. 

Do you need an appointment? 

No! Please feel free to come whenever is convenient for you.


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